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EA is now working on a Battlefield campaign that will include the new Ridgeline Games studio


“We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to work with DICE and Ripple Effect and take on the responsibility of expanding the narrative, storytelling and character development capabilities of the Battlefield series. While Ridgeline Games focuses more on the narrative aspect, EA has entrusted the development of its multiplayer space entirely to longtime partner DICE, with whom it has worked since 2006.

Battlefield returns to the narrative campaign. EA has created Ridgeline Games, a new studio dedicated to the Battlefield franchise. This studio focuses on creating good campaign modes. This is the missing component in the recent entries. The studio is led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, who leads a team of Seattle-based industry veterans. “We are all involved in the future of Battlefield!” EA said on his Twitter account, though the new experience and release window remain closed.


  • Even one Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V contained half-baked stories that acted more like tutorials than actual campaigns. EA first talked about building a team focused on Battlefield’s new campaign just weeks after its launch in 2042, and overhauled its management due to negative reviews.At the time, Titanfall and Apex Legends Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, best known for the series, has been hired to helm the series.

  • Battlefield’s campaign segment hasn’t been handled properly for some time since it was completely removed from the game in the latest Battlefield 2042. Additionally, the title was poorly received by both fans and critics due to a series of glitches, rendering issues, and poor use of map segments. EA has slashed development costs on some iconic aspects such as destructible environments without worrying about fixing bugs before launch.

In addition to Ridgeline Games’ announcement, Dice has confirmed that Creative Director Lars Gustavsson, who has been with the franchise for over 20 years, is stepping down. “I’ve devoted a good portion of my life to Battlefield, and I’m incredibly proud to have helped make this franchise what it is today,” he told GameSpot. I think it’s time to start something new.”

The studio has confirmed that it wants to build a “connected Battlefield universe” and explore new experiences and stories. “In this universe, worlds are connected through common characters and stories. This universe harnesses the power of Portal [Battlefield’s built-in map customization tool] and user-generated content to put creativity in the hands of players.” It’s built by the community,” Zampella tells his GameSpot.

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