Even AppleEddy Cue doesn’t seem to be able to locate an Xbox without it Twitter

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The simplest is that he wants to get a new Xbox. Maybe he wants to give it as a gift for Christmas, or maybe he wants to dive into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer now that a special Slayer playlist has been added to the game. (Eddy, let me know if you ever want to play Halo.) It’s also possible that he’s doing market research. Perhaps you want to know how bad the console shortage really is. That being said, I think this episode is pretty funny. Cue says he, as a senior Apple executive, may have a contact or means to find an Xbox Series X without relying on a Twitter account.

Over a year old, Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are still very hard to find. Even Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, seems to be posting on Twitter asking for tips on how to get one. One of those elusive consoles. According to Big Tech Alert’s Twitter account, on Monday night he followed @XboxStockAlerts, an account that reports the stock price of his Xbox console. There are several possible reasons why he decided to follow the account.


  • But things are so bad that he might need to use that account to get a Halo machine while on vacation. (After all, playing his massive Xbox-exclusive game on your iPhone isn’t as easy as it sounds.) The Pixel 6A is all about his Tensor, Google’s bespoke flagship processor. Looking around the midrange you can get a bigger screen with a faster refresh rate, but the 6A is healthier with good performance, decent battery life, a solid camera and promised five years of security updates It offers an unrivaled combination of longevity.

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