Even without the next generation games, the next generation systems continue to sell well

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This approach really shines during the busy Christmas gaming season. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console online stores won’t have new-gen-exclusive games for the rest of the year. Microsoft is celebrating the new console’s birthday with cross-generation releases across the Forza and Halo franchises. Having touted new PS5 exclusive games last November and then in April, June and September, Sony has already promised to run much of its 2022 lineup on PS4 and PS5. Publishers and developers are feeling less pressure because they don’t have to create only new generation games.

As the new consoles from Xbox and PlayStation reach their first birthdays, neither is celebrating with games just for the new generation. There have been some jumps this year, but we haven’t seen a game like that in months. A key reason: Console makers have followed a longstanding model of selling new boxes containing games that could only run on new boxes. will be discontinued in 2021. Instead, we have his two new consoles, which are marketed like new PCs and phones, and promise to better run widely-used software.


  • Supports player matches, and 64-player matches on older hardware consoles) .Ubisoft, an early mover to the new generation last year, is slowing down this time around. Last Generation: The company only released Assassin’s Creed for the new generation when PS4 and Xbox One became 1. This Generation: Fall 2021’s big release, Far Cry 6, will be a hit on older and newer consoles. works with both. Analyst questions about when the company will start rolling out games for a new generation were largely sidelined during yesterday’s conference call about results.

  • Games made for PS4 and Xbox One will run on PS5 and Xbox series consoles. That wasn’t the case in 2013, when the PS4 and Xbox One launched without the ability to run previous generation games. This time around, the publisher is offering games for both generations almost exclusively, but sometimes with additional features in the next-gen version (EA’s Battlefield 2042, for example, runs 128% faster on newer hardware).

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