Facebook groups are challenged by Microsoft Teams community hubs

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  • Microsoft Teams may now be used for more than just scheduling business meetings. For more private usage, such as your softball team, a carpooling club, or the neighbourhood PTA, Microsoft has developed a communities function for Android and iOS. This effectively provides an alternative to Facebook groups. It goes without saying that you can chat and make video calls, but you can also schedule events, send messages, and exchange documents.

Owners can regulate communities just like on Facebook by establishing rules and removing individuals or content. Both virtual and actual events are possible to build. You can invite people to join via email, phone numbers, or scannable QR codes.

Communities in Teams are currently only available on mobile devices, but Microsoft promises that they will “soon” be available on desktop as well. All you need is the free app. By assisting you in recruiting volunteers and organising events, Microsoft will make SignUpGenius available in 2023 to assist you in organising fundraisers and other charitable endeavors.

The community hub expansion may seem strange, but it represents a gradual change in Teams’ purpose from being solely a tool for office collaboration to one that includes general chat and socialization. It recently received casual games to aid in ice-breaking with coworkers and last year became free for personal use. This most recent addition goes even further; while Microsoft isn’t actually building a social network, it is attempting to assume some of those responsibilities.

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