Filming for “Sea of ​​Thieves” season 8 will begin this month

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  • A comprehensive unveiling of what’s coming ahead will be webcast on Friday, November 18, at 7pm UK time (4pm UTC, 8am PT, and 11am ET).

Along with sneak previews at upcoming Adventures and Mysteries, the Plunder Pass, as well as the customary bug and QoL improvements, maybe we’ll learn more about the community’s choice in the current Adventure, Return of the Damned.

On November 22, Sea of Thieves Season 8 will debut.

Watch the Season Eight Content Update video, which will debut at 4 p.m. UTC on Friday, November 18, after the live results reveal of our current decision-point adventure, “Return of the Damned.”

In spite of everything, the creak, groan, and wobble of my ship, the splash of sea foam at the bow, and the heave and surge of those lovely seas are all-consuming, losing me to the sea for hours on end. The warmth of wealth snatched in peril, the chill of the air in abandoned undersea tombs, and the never-ending calm of the mountains watching the sea burn under the magnificent sunset may all still be felt.

In his Sea of Thieves State of the Game analysis, Matt stated, “Sea of Thieves still has my heart; even four and a half years later, nothing quite nails the joy of stepping out of a starting bar into the scorching sun, gently lapping waves suggesting imminent adventures to come.

Its brilliance may be waning to some extent, but it is still very much present. By scraping barnacles and making a few minor repairs to the sail, Sea of Thieves can support the weight of an anchor. Weigh in and get ready to go to new and fascinating places.

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