First biometric identity network launched by Keyo using Palm Scanner Technology

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  • The most potent palm scanner and software platform in the market are now part of the Keyo Network, a global biometric identity system that was just launched by the privacy-obsessed biometric identity business Keyo. Keyo gives users the ability to enter doors, make purchases in stores, redeem tickets, and more without the use of phones, fobs, cards, or keys by allowing anyone to authenticate themselves and access what is rightfully theirs with a contactless hand scan.

People using the Keyo Network will have a convenient and unified experience across various businesses, nations, and use cases. It can scale up to billions of users and is driven by patented hardware and software that map and encrypt the distinctive patterns of the palm. The Keyo Network consists of:

The Keyo Wave is the most potent hand scanner in the market, powered by Keyo’s patented multispectral palm imaging technology. It offers amazing versatility for identifying palms at various distances, angles, and postures, such as flat vs. hollow.

Keyo Mobile App: With Keyo’s Keyo app for smartphones, users can log in, link accounts like credit cards, manage data, and control authentication.

Keyo Identity Cloud: Keyo Identity Cloud has military-grade encryption and is scaleable to billions of users. By just scanning their hands, individuals may instantaneously and privately confirm their identification to businesses using the Keyo network.

The Keyo Partner Program and App Store, which were created for enterprise use cases, let Keyo partners easily integrate contactless, practical, and secure biometric identity into their goods and services.

The platform is designed for scalability, compliance, and interoperability, CEO of Keyo. “Partners can easily add biometric IDs to their products and services, and people can use metal, paper, or paper to identify themselves. You no longer have to rely on scraps of plastic,” Klein said.

In order to provide biometric data ease without sacrificing privacy, data security, or individual liberties, Keyo was founded in 2015. More than 15,000 of her Keyo devices are already in use around the globe, allowing customers in Rwanda to make payments and patients in the United States to check in for medical visits. The business has so far received $7 million from forward-thinking financiers and businessmen including Netflix co-founder Mark Randolph.

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