Flexera Introduces Flexera One Select for IBM: The Ultimate Software Management Solution for Enhanced Efficiency.

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Tech News Summary:

  • Flexera has released Flexera One Select for IBM, a precision edition of its IT Asset Management (ITAM) system designed to automate IBM-only license reporting.
  • The product, which has been approved as an alternative to IBM’s License Metric Tool, provides a single-pane view of software deployment across cloud and on-premise systems, enabling “streamlined and optimised” licence reporting, according to Cyndi Tackett, SVP of marketing at Flexera.
  • Flexera’s collaboration with IBM is expected to improve customer experience and enhance the accuracy of license consumption reporting, particularly in hybrid IT environments.

Flexera, a leading software asset management and cloud management provider, has announced the launch of Flexera One Select for IBM. The new solution is designed to simplify software management for IBM products, and streamline procurement and licensing processes for their customers.

Flexera One Select for IBM will offer a comprehensive solution for managing IBM software assets, from procurement to end-of-life. It will enable customers to optimize their software spend, by providing accurate data on software usage and entitlements. The solution will also streamline the procurement process, by providing a single-source solution for purchasing IBM software licenses.

“At Flexera, our goal is to help customers manage their software assets in a more efficient and effective way. With the launch of Flexera One Select for IBM, we are providing a solution that simplifies the management of IBM software for our customers,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO at Flexera. “We are committed to delivering world-class solutions that enable customers to optimize their software spend, and enhance their overall software management practices.”

The new solution will leverage the existing capabilities and integrations within the Flexera One platform, which provides a holistic view of software assets across an organization. Customers will be able to use Flexera One Select for IBM to manage their IBM software assets alongside other vendors, and gain insights into their overall software estate.

“Flexera One Select for IBM is a game-changer for software management. It provides a streamlined solution for managing IBM software assets, which simplifies procurement, licensing and management. This solution is a major step forward for IBM customers, and we’re looking forward to seeing the benefits it brings,” said Ryan.

Flexera One Select for IBM is now available to customers, and will be offered as a subscription-based solution. Customers can purchase the solution directly from Flexera or authorized partners.

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