Following Ford’s Footsteps, GM and Tesla Join Hands for EV Charging Network Collaboration.

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  • General Motors announced a partnership with Tesla to use its North American charging network and technologies, following Ford’s lead last month. The agreement will allow GM vehicles to access 12,000 of Tesla’s fast chargers using an adapter and the automaker’s charging app, starting in 2022. GM and Ford will also switch from the current industry-standard CCS to the North American Charging Standard used by Tesla in their EVs from 2025.
  • The partnership between GM and Tesla is expected to add pressure on other automakers and the US government to adopt Tesla’s technology, which is seen as a major win for the EV leader and its charging infrastructure. The move towards a unified standard for EV charging in North America will help to reduce range anxiety and make it easier for consumers to adopt electric vehicles.
  • Wall Street analysts hailed the Tesla-Ford deal as a “win-win,” and the GM-Tesla partnership is expected to have similar positive impacts on both companies and the EV industry. The announcement marks a reversal in strategy for GM, which had been working on an open connector standard for CCS, and a step towards a smoother transition for consumers as the industry continues to shift towards electric vehicles.

In a historic move, General Motors (GM) and Tesla have followed in the footsteps of Ford by partnering to create a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network

This collaboration will help bring together the best of both worlds, with GM’s latest electric vehicle technology and Tesla’s expertise in EV charging infrastructure. The main objective of the partnership is to provide a seamless and convenient charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

With the growing demand for EVs, charging infrastructure is the key to the adoption of electric vehicles. The GM-Tesla partnership aims to ensure that EV owners have access to charging stations that meet their needs.

The charging network will offer ultra-fast charging, making it possible for EVs to be recharged in moments, as well as the option of longer charging times for slower charges. This flexibility will allow EV drivers to easily recharge their vehicles on longer drives or during busy workdays.

The partnership will also include a digital platform that will allow EV drivers to quickly find and reserve charging stalls and plan their routes accordingly.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tesla to develop a widespread and fast-charging network for electric vehicles,” said Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors. “Providing this infrastructure will be critical to our success in the EV industry, and we are proud to be working with Tesla to make it happen.”

The new charging network will initially be available in major cities across the United States, with plans to extend it to other regions in the near future. The partnership is a significant step forward for the EV industry as it facilitates the growth and adoption of clean energy transportation.

With the GM-Tesla partnership making major strides in the EV market, other companies will undoubtedly follow suit to ensure that electric vehicles become a mainstream choice for consumers.

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