For longtime Samsung users, Android 13 is fantastic news

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Of course, the newest flagship models will continue to be the South Korean technology giant’s top priority. The fact that the Galaxy S21 series was served after the Samsung Galaxy S22 Android 13 beta release was the first indication of this. But if the Galaxy S7, S8, and Galaxy Note 8 fail If you use one of the models, Samsung will provide maintenance for it. Android For the 13 update, there is no line to wait in.

Samsung, a South Korean technology giant, has long maintained that the updated version of Android is still functional. Samsung gives its customers the Android operating system, much like all other big manufacturers that Google revealed during the conference in May and have been employing in their smartphone models ever since. In order to deliver the update as quickly as possible, Android 13 works day and night.


  • New serviced by Samsung RUM Smartphone owners using one of these three phone models can also Android 13 they can be involved in their journey. However, this your custom ROM Let us also remind you that it is an early version version and therefore there may be some deficiencies or errors in it. However, there are hundreds of thousands of smartphone users who have installed this ROM on their phones so far, and there are no significant complaints recorded by them yet.

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