Former BioWare developer reveals hilarious alternate ending to Mass Effect 3

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  • A rather amusing alternate ending for Mass Effect 3 was eventually made public. One of the most well-known gaming franchises, particularly in the RPG subgenre, is Mass Effect. It featured the tale of Commander Shepard and a select group of his companions as they battled an alien entity known as the Reapers that was putting the galaxy in risk. It’s a really somber and dramatic story that gripped and moved me. But there was a lot of criticism after the plot of Mass Effect 3 was concluded. People were not pleased with the finale, which seriously damaged an otherwise excellent game. As a result, BioWare changed the ending.

However, there is another ending that changes things dramatically. Former BioWare developer Violet McVinnie revealed on her Twitter that there is a tradition when it comes to completing BioWare games. She made a movie where characters literally kiss and make up instead of having a big deadly fight and settling the whole conflict.

What she did in her Mass Effect 3 was almost perfect, with Shepard sprinting through chaos and embracing a visionary man. Obviously this wasn’t meant to be in the game and was just a silly joke for the team, but it’s nice to finally see it appear on the internet. Only time will tell if they release the other cinematics they did in , but this alone is worth it.

The Mass Effect franchise was also very well known for being very sexual. You can fall in love with many characters and develop long-term relationships with almost everyone on your ship. Of course, the Illusive Man wasn’t one of his characters to be romanticized.

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