Free for Android and iOS. These apps are only free while stocks last. After Fossa

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Tip: Sometimes an app is fundamentally interesting, but not useful at the moment. Then install it anyway and throw it straight down again. It becomes your property and can therefore be re-installed free of charge at any time, even if it has long cost money in the App Store.

With apps and games that are temporarily free, we’ve got you covered. Of course, both iPhones and Android cellphones can download the apps for no cost. You should download the software right away because we have no idea how long the free offer will be available. You already know what this post will cover: Not often free applications like TikTok or Facebook, but rather premium applications that ordinarily cost money and are only available for free for a brief period of time. You’re on your own here while we test out each of our picks for the top five applications of the week. In other words, we only list programmes without considering if a game is completely pointless or an application needs an enormous amount of resources.


  • Dungeon Mon! ,0,99 €): Are you ready to unleash your longing for blood? You can do this by training your monster. With 90 different monsters you are spoiled for choice! Eliminate all the zombies with your monsters!Sudoku Pro (2,99 €🙂 ): Life isn’t really complete if you don’t have Sudoku puzzles wreaking havoc on your brain. This Pro version of the app contains over 9,000 puzzles and new ones are added every day. Choose from easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

  • Speedometer GPS Pro (0,99 €🙂 This app can record your speed, distance, time and location and also gives you details like start time, elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed and altitude and other statistics.audit bricks (4,99 €): Audit Bricks makes it easy for you to examine websites and identify deficiencies. The site audit process helps you find issues, inspections, deficiencies, errors, breakdown lists, to-do lists and condition assessments for the way your site works. You can manage all your work in different projects.Carbucks (4,99 €): CarBux is a car leasing and car loan calculator that gives you buy or not buy recommendations for new and used cars.

Missile Buddy RPG (1,99 €🙂 This rocket simulator doesn’t offer world peace, but you use sacred rockets to get rid of all the monsters in the area, including the bosses. Missiles can be upgraded to give higher survival rate to your units.Hero’s Second Memory (0,99 €): Back when humans and demons lived together, a war broke out between humans and demons because Satan wanted to dominate the human race. A hero then stands up to save humanity from the demons and their ever-increasing power. Guess who controls this hero in this game.

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