Gary ‘GaryOPA’ Bowser, a member of Team Xecuter, desires an early prison release

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Two of their core members, Max Louarn and Gary Bowser, were arrested in 2020. The third member, Yuanning Chen, is still outlawed.

Team Xecuter is a famous hacking group that sells hacking equipment to multiple consoles. They are known for their Nintendo Switch, SX Core, and SX lite hack modchips among other modchips, but before that they sold other hacking devices, sometimes under different names, such as the Gateway 3DS. Xecuter advertised its products specifically through the popular scene website MaxConsole (owned and operated by GaryOPA) under the guise of product reviews and homebrew support.

Louarn herself has avoided extradition to the United States and is still awaiting trial in France, as far as we know (last reliable information is from last June, see below). Gary Bowser, meanwhile, was sentenced to 40 months in prison in the United States about a year ago (he’s already serving his sentence in prison awaiting trial, so his release is expected later this year) and owes Nintendo about $4.5 million and $14.5 million respectively. Since then, of course, production of the Switch “SX” hacking chip has ceased, with the exception of third-party copies that are hard to find and expensive.

In his interview with Nick Moses, GaryOPA shared his worries about what will happen next for him after he gets out of prison, especially the fact that there is no family left in Canada, where it is most likely he will be sent. The pirate also needed treatment on his leg due to a health condition.

In the meantime, it looks like Max Louarn is free to roam. In 2022, he refused to provide his computer’s decryption key to the authorities and was fined 8,000 euros (about 100 million dong). $8,500) last June for refusing to comply. Notably, neither he nor his attorney showed up in June for that sentence.

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