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Google has canceled its upcoming Chromebook Pixelbook


I’m talking But he also acknowledges that the Chromebook market has changed since 2017, when the original (and best) Pixelbook was launched. “The good thing about this category is that it is mature,” says Osterloh. One of his thoughts on the ChromeOS market is that Google doesn’t need ChromeOS like it used to. For months, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said he would slow hiring and cut some projects across the company.

Google canceled the next version of its Pixelbook laptop and disbanded the team that built it. The device is well advanced in development and is expected to go on sale next year, according to people familiar with the matter, but the project has been shelved amid Google’s recent cost-cutting efforts. Team members have moved to different locations within the company. Just a few months ago, Google planned to keep his Pixelbook running. Ahead of his annual I/O developer conference, Google Hardware’s chief Rick Osterloh told The Verge, “In the future he plans to create Pixelbooks.”


  • Laura Breen told The Verge. “When it comes to employees, we try to move team members between devices and services when priorities change.” Her hardware strategy for Google with Pixel devices in particular was both about making great products and showing other manufacturers how to do the same. To show what Google thinks about Android, it started investing in Pixel phones. Most recently, the company has returned to making smartwatches, with a Pixel Watch due out in the next few weeks and an Android tablet due to ship next year.

  • “In some cases, investments mean consolidating overlapping parts and streamlining processes,” he wrote in a July note. It means reassigning to higher priority areas.” The Pixelbook team and the Pixelbook itself have fallen victim to this consolidation and reassignment. “Google does not share future product plans or personnel information. However, we are committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and helpful to our users,” said Communications Manager at Google.

Both of the latter devices are in the category where most Android devices have failed. Google is trying to convince developers, manufacturers, and customers that they are better. Likewise, Google has spent his nearly decade proving to the world that his high-end Chromebooks are a great idea. In his first Chromebook Pixel in 2013, he deliberately went too far with ChromeOS, the operating system that Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt said would be on “completely throwaway” hardware. , $1,300.

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