Google has significantly increased the cost of YouTube Premium Family

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  • Google is now informing YouTube Premium Family subscribers that the price of the service will increase. The price increase seems to affect all YouTube Premium Family subscribers, especially those who have expired YouTube Premium plans will receive an email. We are increasing the price of the YouTube Premium Family subscription to $22.99. Some Grandfather customers now pay $14 or less per month, but even for regular subscribers, the price of the plan increased by $5 to $22.99.

YouTube Premium Family allows up to 5 family members to enjoy her ad-free YouTube experience. The subscription includes access to YouTube Music Premium and gives users additional YouTube features such as: B. Download videos for offline viewing.

The price increase currently only affects the YouTube Premium Family plan. All other plans, including individual and student plans, remain at their current pricing. Individuals will still be able to get it for $11.99 per month, slightly cheaper if paid annually.

The new prices are already posted on the YouTube Premium website. Currently limited to some regions only. The new prices are listed for visitors from the US, but when checking prices for selected European regions such as Germany, they will still show the previous prices. For Germany it is 17.99 euros.

closing words

Not all Grandfather accounts will be impacted by the fee rise. The $7.99 monthly payer reports they have not yet gotten the email announcing the price hike.

It is up to the individual user to purchase YouTube Premium Family at the original price or the new price. Paying $22.99 per month equates to over $275 per year. This makes the YouTube Premium family one of the most expensive online streaming solutions available, beating out Netflix’s $19.99 premium plan. Sure, Google’s plans include access to music that Netflix doesn’t offer.

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