Google Pixel 8 renders are leaking, leaving nothing to the imagination

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  • Throughout the past day, there have been many leaks, and we’ve seen renderings and information on the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Fold. The Pixel 8 may be about to make its debut, and while it doesn’t appear to be much that different from the previous version, there have been some tweaks.

The Pixel 8 appears to be nearly identical to the model from the prior year, based on what we can tell from the renders. Now, if you liked the design, you probably won’t be dissatisfied. The recognizable camera bar is visible on the back, and the phone’s overall shape appears to have a few more rounded corners.

Now that the corners are rounded, it appears that the overall size will be a little bit smaller than the previous model, measuring 150.5mm x 70.8mm x 8.9mm. We may anticipate a 6.2-inch screen, which is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7’s current screen size. Although the forthcoming model doesn’t visibly offer much of a shift, it may feel very different in the hand, which is more significant.

Although it’s beneficial to be able to examine the hardware first, Google’s software has always been a strong suit for its handsets. So when the handsets are formally shown later this year, it will be more intriguing to see what kinds of software innovations will be revealed.

When it comes to its potential release date, there’s always a chance that we’ll get our first look in May at Google’s annual I/O developer conference. Rumors suggest that in addition to the new Pixel 8 series, we will also get our first official look at the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold at the event.

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