Hacking Group infiltrates more than 130 companies and obtains login information for nearly 10,000 employees

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Thursday has arrived once more. Have you ever thought about how frequently Thursdays seem to come around? Though this is only based on anecdotal evidence, it feels like once per week. There might be a need for more study. Today, you can choose from a wealth of fantastic news and commentary provided by our amazing team of writers.

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  • This week, Benchling and Benchmark participated in an engaging TechCrunch Live where the team discussed the importance of constructing a moat around your early consumers. The recordings are now accessible, and they’re highly worth watching or listening to because we learned a lot!

  • Haje’s series of Pitch Deck Teardowns continues with an examination of the deck used by Simba Chain to raise their $20 million Series A round. Although it is available on TechCrunch+, our subscription service, we managed to persuade our subscription team to give Daily Crunch readers a discount! Use the discount code “DC” to save 15% on your yearly membership.

According to John S. Kim, CEO of Sendbird, with so many companies currently focused on decreasing costs, it’s crucial to observe regional laws and social customs when it comes to firing staff.

Startups that don’t respect cultural differences are doomed to failure because talent is available all around the world.

He wrote a guest post for TC+ after quitting two firms with multinational employees to advise owners on how to talk to their staff through difficult times.

“Not only does a company have a responsibility to keep employees informed about what’s going on, they must do it in a way that will best resonate with their respective audiences.”

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