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HbbTV will be powered by NetRange on Konka Android smart TVs


According to NetFront, it will help Konka move by offering the Access NetFront Browser BE HbbTV for Android solution. This comes after NetFront completed a custom engineering effort to make sure that its technology was completely integrated with Konka’s preferred SoC vendor.

In order to assist the increasing number of operators in the MENA region who have chosen to introduce interactive and smart TV services via HbbTV, TV manufacturer Konka has chosen white-label turnkey supplier NetRange MMH. 30 August 2022 Konka NetRange. The parent business of NetRange, Access, promises to offer TV OEMs the highest level of HbbTV standards conformance and has supported HbbTV with browser solutions since the inception of the interactive TV standard.


  • According to Access, “Konka can minimise the additional expense of enabling HbbTV on its Android-based smart TVs thanks to the cost-effective Access HbbTV solution.” CTO Michi Uematsu. This partnership is further evidence of our adaptable strategy, which gives OEMs the option of either choosing the specific software components they require or an end-to-end Access and NetRange solution that combines a browser and an app store. We are eager to give Konka the tools she needs to produce TVs affordably and meet customer needs across the MENA region.

  • The NetFront Browser solution, which serves as the primary component of a full HbbTV package, gives OEMs the option of using either the Chromium or WebKit HTML5 engines to offer HbbTV applications to consumers. Additionally, Access and Netrange support regional or nation-specific standards, including the UK’s Freeview Play 2017.

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