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Hideo Kojima’s Gamescom appearance tells everyone the same thing


Prior to the event, many fans predicted the legendary game developer responsible for the “Metal Gear Solid” series, Hideo Kojima, would show up to unveil one of his upcoming games. This is partly because Kojima is close friends with Gamescom host Geoff Keighley (per IGN), and also because rumors have been floating around concerning a new mystery project from Kojima, perhaps even a new game set in the “Death Stranding” universe. Kojima’s last appearance at a game convention was back in June during the Xbox Games showcase, where he announced his partnership with Xbox for an upcoming untitled game. Going into Gamescom, fans were clamoring to see what this upcoming Xbox game might be like.

Gamescom, the annual gaming trade show, is always an exciting event for gamers. Its opening night already featured a ton of world premieres that charmed many. Some of the more popular premieres including the announcement of “Dead Island 2,” a new DualSense controller and some fresh new gameplay from the upcoming open-world Sonic game “Sonic Frontiers.” But one developer many gamers expected to see at the show didn’t exactly appear in the capacity they expected.


  • During the opening night of Gamescom, Kojima popped in for a brief appearance via a prerecorded video message. In the video, Kojima announced a podcast program titled “Brain Structure,” launching in September exclusively on Spotify. As noted by VGC, Kojima has dabbled with podcasts before, but this is the first to be translated into English. In addition, Kojima explained that the podcast would feature various special guests, including Gamescom host Geoff Keighley.

  • However, although Kojima did appear during the show, fans didn’t get what they expected — and they weren’t shy about saying so.

After this, gamers are looking forward to the Game Awards in December for possible news about Kojima’s upcoming games. Not everyone has their hopes up, however. One Twitter user joked that the gaming auteur would probably just announce a new book at The Game Awards. While the wait for more news continues, gamers can at least play Kojima’s latest title, “Death Stranding,” which was recently released on the Xbox Game Pass.

Despite Kojima’s excitement, many fans were disappointed by this announcement, as the expected trailer for one of his upcoming games was missing. However, others were quick to find humor in the appearance, calling Kojima a “legend” plugging his new podcast during a major gaming event. Some fans pointed out that Kojima is probably the only developer that could get away with pulling such a stunt.

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