Highpointe Hotels Expands Partnership with Aptech, Utilizing PVNG Accounting and Execuvue BI Solutions.

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  • Highpointe Hotel Corp has chosen to adopt Aptech’s PVNG enterprise accounting software and NEW Execuvue Business Intelligence platform to cut costs and maintain lean operations. The multi-property features of PVNG help in consolidating financials over the entire portfolio, saving around two to three hours of work per day.
  • The AI capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics in NEW Execuvue can make use of PVNG data and present it in an array of formats using simple AI commands. Aptech’s innovative and unique solutions have attracted Highpointe to continue partnering with them for 23 years.
  • PVNG accounting software is designed in a thoughtful manner with a simple menu structure and easy web browser navigation. It is deployed as a hosted service and has features of OCR invoice processing, a myriad of payment options, drill-down capabilities in financial statements, and can handle single or multi-property accounting.

Highpointe Hotels has announced that it will be expanding its partnership with Aptech, a leading provider of enterprise financial management and business intelligence solutions, by adopting the PVNG Accounting and Execuvue BI solutions.

The decision to adopt these solutions was made after Highpointe Hotels recognized the need to optimize its financial and operational performance. The company aims to achieve greater efficiency and visibility across its properties, allowing it to make more informed decisions and improve its bottom line.

Aptech’s PVNG Accounting solution provides a cloud-based platform for financial management, automating core accounting and reporting tasks, and reducing administrative overheads. The system also streamlines the accounts payable and receivable process, providing real-time visibility into financial performance across Highpointe’s various properties.

The Execuvue BI solution, on the other hand, provides Highpointe with insights into operational performance, enabling the company to identify trends, monitor KPIs, and optimize activities across its properties. This will help Highpointe identify guest preferences, adjust pricing strategies, and enhance service levels to improve customer satisfaction.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Highpointe Hotels. The adoption of PVNG Accounting and Execuvue BI solutions reflects our commitment to delivering innovative financial and business intelligence solutions that support the needs of our clients,” said Jill Wilder, Director of Client Services at Aptech.

Highpointe Hotels’ CEO, John Johnson, also expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded partnership. “We are excited to work with Aptech to optimize our financial and operational performance across all of our properties. With the implementation of these solutions, we expect to achieve cost savings, improved efficiency, and greater visibility into key performance metrics,” said Johnson.

The adoption of PVNG Accounting and Execuvue BI solutions is a significant step forward for Highpointe Hotels, and the expanded partnership with Aptech reflects a mutual commitment to innovation and excellence in financial and business management.

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