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Hikvision showcases six outstanding security updates with low-cost security technology for small businesses


Key benefits for small businesses

Hikvision has launched a “security package” for small businesses. Featuring “Best Security Technology,” the kit provides small businesses with enterprise-level security and access control capabilities at an affordable price, reducing workloads and costs, and accelerating incident response. Hikvision’s director of marketing his planning department, Parker Li, said: Plus, business owners can monitor security from anywhere, giving them peace of mind even when they can’t be onsite. ”


  • Automatic intrusion alerts with no false alarms. Use AcuSense-enabled cameras to identify people, vehicles, and other moving objects such as fallen leaves or heavy rain. This allows business owners and administrators to focus on minimizing false positives, reducing costs, and responding quickly to real security threats.

  • Anytime remote access control. It allows business owners and managers to remotely open doors using Hikvision MinMoe facial recognition terminals. This allows you to control access for your employees, vendors, and other visitors from anywhere, all from their mobile devices. Even small businesses can use MinMoe terminals as a cost-effective contactless timekeeping solution.

Easy setup and management of surveillance cameras and alarms. Our HIS AX PRO series indoor and outdoor wireless alarm detectors are natively integrated with Hikvision cameras. This pre-integration makes it very quick and easy for business owners and administrators to set up and manage their security he solution from a single console without having to have separate systems for alarms and cameras.

Light and sound alarm to warn intruders. Our AcuSense Live Guard solution uses light and sound alarms to deter unauthorized persons before they enter your business premises. Business owners or managers can also record custom his audio her messages that are broadcast via surveillance cameras for an extra layer of security. Clear full-color video recording even in near complete darkness. Hikvision’s ColorVu technology enables small businesses to achieve full-color imaging down to 0.0005 lux, equivalent to starlight on a moonless night. Full-color images provide more information, making it easier to identify perpetrators and improving the quality of evidence for later use.

Mobile Security Monitoring Wherever You Are. By installing Hik-Connect on mobile devices, the business owner and administrator can monitor alarms and recordings from all her Hikvision devices connected to the system. This gives you full access to real-time video feeds, event notifications, and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on vacation at the beach.

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