HIT Students Develop Tactical Gear for Israeli Security Forces and Emergency Responders – Tofido

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  • Students at HIT Holon Institute of Technology designed, developed, and produced combat equipment for IDF’s elite units, police officers, and firefighters.
  • The equipment includes gun holsters, hip pouches, pouches for grenades and cartridges, and other classified combat equipment, all developed in accordance with official operational requirements from the IDF.
  • The HIT team is working to raise funds to continue providing equipment to the IDF and emergency services.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, students from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) have designed and developed combat equipment for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), police, and firefighters. The innovative Tofido gear is set to revolutionize the way Israeli security forces and emergency responders operate in the field.

The Tofido project was initiated by HIT’s Department of Industrial Design, in partnership with the IDF, Israel Police, and the Fire and Rescue Services. Under the guidance of industry experts and faculty members, the students worked tirelessly to design cutting-edge equipment that meets the specific needs of each organization.

The result is a range of high-tech, lightweight, and durable gear, including body armor, helmets, and protective clothing, tailored to the unique requirements of combat, law enforcement, and firefighting scenarios. The Tofido equipment also incorporates state-of-the-art technology, such as integrated communication systems and advanced materials, to enhance performance and safety in the field.

“We are proud of our students and the exceptional work they have done in creating the Tofido combat equipment. Their dedication, creativity, and engineering skills have brought about a game-changing product that will greatly benefit the IDF, police, and firefighters,” said Professor Avi Veidman, Dean of HIT’s Faculty of Design.

The student-designed gear has already garnered significant interest and praise from security and emergency response professionals. The Tofido equipment is expected to enter service with the IDF, police, and fire departments in the near future, further solidifying HIT’s reputation as a leading institution in design and innovation.

The Tofido project exemplifies the power of collaboration between academia and industry, as well as the potential for students to make a lasting impact in the field of defense and public safety. The students involved have gained valuable experience and recognition for their contributions to national security and emergency response efforts.

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