Honoring ATU LULAC Scholarship Recipients: Recognizing Academic Excellence and Community Contributions

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  • LULAC Council 772 recognized 12 ATU students who received scholarship assistance for the 2023-24 academic year.
  • ATU and LULAC have a partnership to provide enhanced educational opportunities for Hispanic Americans, and ATU is recognized as a LULAC Latino Destination Campus.
  • Students interested in applying for LULAC scholarships should submit their applications by March 31 of each year and can find more information on how to apply at www.atu.edu/scholarships/third-party-scholarships.php.

The ATU LULAC Scholarship Recipients were recently honored at a special ceremony, celebrating their academic achievement and community impact. The recipients of this prestigious scholarship were recognized for their dedication to their studies and their commitment to making a positive difference in their communities.

These outstanding students have demonstrated academic excellence and a strong desire to give back to their communities. The ATU LULAC Scholarship Program aims to support and empower Latino students in their pursuit of higher education, and these recipients have shown great promise in their academic and community endeavors.

During the ceremony, the scholarship recipients were commended for their hard work and determination, and they were praised for their commitment to making a meaningful impact in their communities. The event provided an opportunity for the recipients to be recognized for their accomplishments and to inspire others to pursue their educational and community goals.

The ATU LULAC Scholarship recipients have shown that they are not only dedicated to their education, but also to using their skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in their communities. Their commitment to academic excellence and community service is truly inspiring, and their achievements deserve to be celebrated.

The ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to honor these exceptional students and to celebrate their academic and community accomplishments. The ATU LULAC Scholarship Program is proud to support these remarkable individuals, and looks forward to seeing the positive impact they will continue to make in the future.

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