How to delete the data from your fitness tracker or smartwatch: Apple Watch, Garmin and more

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Additionally, it is possible to regulate the data synchronized from your Apple Watch, ensuring that some data—like your heart rate, for instance—won’t be recorded by the wearable. From the Health app, select Summary, your profile photo (top right), and Devices to manage this. Pick Privacy Settings on your Apple Watch after selecting it from the list.

All of the data that your Apple Watch logs while it is on your wrist is synced to the Health app on your iPhone. You only need to go far enough to find most synced data and activity that can be partially or entirely erased. Open the Health app, choose Browse, then choose the specific data you want to work with before choosing Show all data. You’ll see an Edit button in the top right corner; by touching it, you can delete particular things from the list by tapping the red icons on the left. You can delete everything at once by choosing Edit and then clicking the Delete All button.


  • Open the Today page in the mobile app, for instance, and select any exercise tile that you see (such as the one for daily walks). You can delete an individual activity from the record by tapping the three dots in the top right corner after tapping through to it. The same is true for sleep tiles: Select a specific sleep record, click the three dots, and then select Delete Log.

  • You may also reset your Apple Watch to its factory settings to get it back to how it was when you first acquired it. Everything that is logged on the device will be erased, but data that has already been synced to your iPhone will remain unaffected. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, then select General, Reset, then Erase All Content and Settings. The Fitbit app for Android/iOS and the Fitbit website enables the user to access your data dashboard. Fitbit manufactures a wide range of trackers and devices.

Fitbit has a detailed manual if you’re still having trouble understanding how to delete something: For instance, while steps cannot be deleted, you can override them by manually logging a non-walking activity over the same time. By tapping your profile image on the Today tab of the app, you can also choose to totally cancel your account settings, and finally delete the account.

You can select Log on the Fitbit website, followed by Food, Activities, Weight, or Sleep. Every item will have a trash can icon next to it that you can click to delete, however occasionally you might need to go to the individual record. To travel through time, use the time navigation tool in the top right corner.

The Samsung Health app for Android or iOS will contain all of your synced data for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. The Galaxy Wearable app on your phone lets you choose what data is sent back to the Samsung Health app: Select Samsung Health, then Watch settings, from the main device panel.

Samsung Health allows you to remove some pieces of data but not others. For instance, to remove a specific workout, choose Exercise from the Home menu, then choose the exercise you wish to delete. And if you want to remove it from the record, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then select Delete and confirm your decision.

When it comes to blocks of sleep, the procedure is comparable. You can access the specific night you wish to work with by selecting Sleep from the Home tab. To delete something, select it, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and then select Delete twice. In a similar manner, data on calorie and fluid intake can also be erased. There are a few more extreme measures you can take. You may perform a factory reset on your watch using the wearable Settings app: Then select Reset under General. By pressing the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner, the cog symbol, and then “Wipe All Data” on your mobile device, you can also delete everything in Samsung Health, by selecting Erase Personal Data after touching the cog symbol and the three lines (top right).

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