HUD Selects ICF for Community Development and Technology Services

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Tech News Summary:

  • ICF has been awarded multiple cooperative agreements by HUD to provide community development and technology services through their Community Compass program.
  • ICF’s team of experts will offer technical assistance, training, data analysis, and management of the HUD Exchange platform to support community and stable housing programs nationwide.
  • ICF’s focus areas include the Homeless Management Information System and empowering HUD community partners with tools to effectively implement programs that address homelessness and provide safe, affordable housing options.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced its decision to partner with ICF, a global consulting and technology services provider, for community development and technology services.

HUD has selected Ijson, a subsidiary of ICF, for a $40 million contract to provide technical and program support services for the agency’s Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD). This partnership aims to enhance HUD’s capacity to effectively serve its community development programs and initiatives.

ICF will be responsible for providing a wide range of services, including technical assistance, training, data management, and program support for CPD’s various grant programs. The company will also develop and maintain web-based tools and databases to support HUD’s community development efforts.

In addition to providing technical and program support, ICF will also work to modernize and improve HUD’s technology infrastructure. The company will assist in the development of web-based applications, data analytics, and other technological solutions to enhance the agency’s ability to deliver services to communities in need.

This partnership between HUD and ICF demonstrates the agency’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies and expertise to meet the needs of communities across the country. By partnering with a leading consulting and technology services provider, HUD aims to streamline its operations, improve program delivery, and ultimately make a greater impact on the communities it serves.

The contract with ICF represents a significant step forward in HUD’s efforts to advance its community development and technology services. As the agency continues to prioritize the well-being of communities and the efficient delivery of services, the partnership with ICF is expected to play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

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