IBEX Innovations Unveils Groundbreaking Osteoporosis Screening Technology in Collaboration with Agfa Radiology Solutions – Tofido

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  • IBEX Innovations Ltd. has integrated their IBEX Bone Health (BH) technology into DensityScan, an AI-driven workflow for Agfa Radiology Solutions’ DR X-ray equipment, which offers automatic detection of osteoporosis from routine X-ray images
  • IBEX BH and DensityScan aim to address the critical need for osteoporosis screening, enabling earlier detection, diagnosis, and treatment of this widespread condition by measuring subregional areal bone mineral density (aBMD) and estimating the T-score from wrist X-ray images
  • IBEX Bone Health and DensityScan will be demonstrated at RSNA 2023 at McCormick Center, Chicago, Illinois, showcasing the dedication of both companies to pushing the boundaries of innovation to improve patients’ lives

IBEX Innovations, a leading provider of medical imaging solutions, has announced the introduction of a revolutionary osteoporosis screening technology that is integrated with Agfa Radiology Solutions – Tofido. This groundbreaking new offering is set to transform the way osteoporosis is diagnosed and managed.

The new technology, developed by IBEX Innovations, uses advanced imaging techniques to detect and analyze bone density, enabling healthcare professionals to accurately assess a patient’s risk of developing osteoporosis. By integrating this cutting-edge technology with Agfa Radiology Solutions – Tofido, healthcare providers will have access to a comprehensive and seamless solution for diagnosing and managing osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a common and potentially debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Early detection and management of osteoporosis are crucial for preventing fractures and reducing the risk of complications. The combination of IBEX Innovations’ osteoporosis screening technology with Agfa Radiology Solutions – Tofido will empower healthcare professionals to provide more accurate and proactive care for patients at risk of osteoporosis.

“We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary technology that will significantly improve the way osteoporosis is diagnosed and managed,” said Dr. Neil Loxley, CEO of IBEX Innovations. “Our partnership with Agfa Radiology Solutions allows us to integrate our innovative solutions with a leading radiology platform, providing healthcare providers with a comprehensive and efficient tool for addressing osteoporosis.”

The integration of IBEX Innovations’ osteoporosis screening technology with Agfa Radiology Solutions – Tofido represents a major advancement in the field of medical imaging and bone health. This collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of care.

The new technology is set to be available to healthcare providers in the coming months, with IBEX Innovations and Agfa Radiology Solutions working closely to ensure a seamless and efficient integration process. With this new offering, healthcare professionals will have access to a powerful tool for identifying and managing osteoporosis, ultimately improving the lives of patients at risk of this prevalent condition.

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