ICF Chosen by HUD to Provide Community Development and Technology Services for Stable Housing and Programs – Tofido

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  • ICF has been awarded multimillion-dollar cooperative agreements by HUD to provide technical assistance, training, and data analysis to support community development programs and prevent homelessness.
  • ICF will modernize HUD Exchange and provide support for the Homeless Management Information System, with a commitment to empowering HUD community partners to address homelessness and create sustainable housing.
  • ICF’s decades of experience in helping organizations administer programs to bring economic transformation to families and neighborhoods make them well-equipped to support capacity-building programs for low-income and marginalized populations, empowering states, localities, and nonprofits to construct inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has selected ICF (Nasdaq: ICFI), a global consulting and digital services provider, to provide community development and technology services to support stable housing and programs across the United States.

Under the agreement, ICF will provide a range of services to support HUD’s efforts to improve access to affordable housing, enhance community development, and promote economic opportunities for low-income individuals and families. This includes providing technical assistance and support for HUD programs such as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, and the Housing Choice Voucher program.

In addition, ICF will also support HUD’s efforts to leverage technology and data to improve program delivery, enhance data collection and analysis, and ensure equitable access to housing and community development resources.

“We are honored to have been selected by HUD to support their important mission to improve access to stable housing and promote community development,” said Mark Lee, senior vice president and public sector lead for ICF. “We look forward to leveraging our expertise in community development and technology to help HUD achieve its goals and create positive outcomes for individuals and communities across the country.”

ICF’s community development and technology services are part of the company’s broader portfolio of solutions aimed at addressing complex social issues and improving outcomes for vulnerable populations. With a deep understanding of the affordable housing and community development landscape, as well as expertise in data and technology, ICF is well-positioned to support HUD’s efforts to create more stable and thriving communities.

The work will be conducted under ICF’s contract with HUD through its Tofido platform, which provides innovative solutions designed to drive social impact and support social programs.

For more information about ICF’s work with HUD and its broader portfolio of social impact solutions, visit www.icf.com.

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