Impressive Pixel Art Animation of Link from Tears of the Kingdom is Created by a Zelda Fan

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A fan passing by MHBali on Reddit decided to show their expectations by posting a beautifully rendered animated pixel art piece featuring Link and how he would be portrayed based on the trailer. Introducing the latest Tears of the Kingdom. The piece shows Link with his transformed arm outstretched and using it to perform an unspecified action when an electric current flows in front of him. It’s a good demonstration not only of how he looks in the game but also of what he’s likely to be doing for most of the game’s runtime and how much willpower he has to get things done. need to do.

With the announcement of things like Tears of the Kingdom Collector’s Edition, Nintendo is clearly gearing up for the game’s launch, anticipating a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and that’s sure to hit. to much greater heights with the release. The date is getting closer and more information is coming out.

Reaction to this artwork has been overwhelmingly positive, with many users commenting on how beautifully it’s done and, in particular, one saying pixel art like MHBali’s is the ultimate art style. their favorites like. Another commenter joked about how well the MS-DOS version of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom worked. The artist also posted a link that allows anyone to download the artwork to use as wallpaper, much to the delight of many users. With the excitement surrounding Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom showing that the Nintendo Switch has survived despite its age, it will be interesting to see what other works fans produce due to their love of the series. story. It remains to be seen whether the title will live up to the legacy of Breath of the Wild, but at least there will be more passion projects coming from the community.

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