In addition to the VR game “Dark Pictures”, Sony has announced 11 PSVR2 titles

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  • Sony has introduced 11 new titles for PlayStation VR2, including The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, in addition to the platform’s debut date and pricing.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad, The Light Brigade, Cities VR – Enhanced Edition, Cosmonious High, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, Pistol Whip VR, Zenith: The Last City, After the Fall, and Tentacular are also included in the complete list of games.

While Sony has not confirmed every game that will be on the PS VR2 launch lineup on February 22, 2023, it has claimed that it anticipates more than 20 titles to be on it. All of these games are expected to have a release date of 2023.

A “fast-paced roller coaster action-horror shooter where every move you make and everything you see could mean the difference between life and death,” The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is being created by Supermassive Games. The locations in this game where players will encounter “distorted apparitions,” “demonic avatars of persecuted “witches,” “vampires,” and “a sadistic serial killer” are a Ghost Ship, 17th-century New England, beneath a desert, and the World’s Fair Hotel.

The Light Brigade is a single-player roguelike game from Funktronic Labs that is “packed with addicting shootouts and dark mysteries.” You are one of the last to battle against the encroaching darkness as the world loses the light it left behind. You must go to the buried world in order to confront the evil that threatens this planet. He will use both tools and magic to accomplish it.

In Smilegate’s upcoming first-person shooter Crossfire: Sierra Squad, players assume control of the fireteam’s leader as they find themselves in the “heart of a fight over a top-secret biological weapon that has just been discovered.” There are more than 60 campaign missions in Crossfire: Sierra Squad, and you can play them alone or with up to three players. Additionally, there is a hardcore horde mode, realism mode, and arcade mode.

Cities: Skylines has been adapted for PS VR2 by Fast Travel Games as Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition. Players can “create and control their dream city” in this VR game. Virtual reality offers users the chance to view their city from above or from below, giving the genre a fresh viewpoint.

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