In the first half of November, Xbox Game Pass loses seven games

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  • Microsoft updates the Game Pass catalog with new and deleted games each month. Microsoft has confirmed the Game Pass games that will stop offering their services in the first part of November.

In the first half of November, a total of 7 games—including 1 that will be completely removed—will be taken off Game Pass. Football Manager 2022 will be removed from the PC, cloud, and console catalogs on November 8th when Football Manager 2023 launches as the Day One Game Pass.

The Xbox Store version will be completely discontinued on his November 8th. Then, on November 15th, five games will leave Game Pass, including Art of Rally, Fae Tactics, Next Space Rebel, One Step from Eden, and Supraland. A complete list of distances is below. If history shows, Microsoft will be announcing more titles from Game Pass later this month, so stay tuned.

As usual, Game Pass subscribers can get 20% off any directly bought games. This is a faint glimmer of hope if he liked one of the games that will be deleted and wants to keep playing.

High-profile Games including Return to Monkey Island (November 8), Vampire Survivors (November 1), Somerville (November 15), and Pentiment (November 22) will take place in the first part of November 2022. (November 15). packed with recent Pass releases.

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