Indian Gaming Convention 2023: Commitment to Safe, Trusted, and Accountable Online Gaming through Voluntary Code of Ethics in the Gaming Industry

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Tech News Summary:

  • Indian gaming industry commits to safe, trusted, and accountable gaming with voluntary Code of Ethics at Indian Gaming Convention 2023
  • Key industry players sign joint declaration of intent to prioritize user protection and responsible gaming
  • Government officials and industry leaders support the convention, marking an important milestone in shaping ethical standards within the online gaming industry

The Indian Gaming Convention 2023 saw industry players from the online gaming sector come together to commit to safe, trusted, and accountable gaming by adopting a voluntary code of ethics. The convention, which was held in New Delhi, brought together key stakeholders, including gaming companies, industry experts, government representatives, and consumer advocates.

The voluntary code of ethics aims to address concerns around the potential negative impacts of online gaming, such as addiction, underage access, and fraudulent activities. By agreeing to abide by the code, gaming companies are pledging to prioritize consumer protection and responsible gaming practices.

One of the key aspects of the code of ethics is the commitment to implementing measures to prevent underage access to online gaming. This includes age verification processes and strict enforcement of age restrictions.

The code also emphasizes the need for transparency and fairness in gaming operations, with a focus on protecting consumers from fraudulent activities and unethical practices. It highlights the importance of providing clear and accurate information to consumers about gaming products and services, as well as ensuring that gaming outcomes are determined by fair and random processes.

Furthermore, the voluntary code of ethics includes provisions for supporting responsible gaming behavior and providing resources for those who may be at risk of developing gaming-related problems. This includes promoting awareness of gaming-related issues, providing access to support services for problem gamblers, and implementing tools for self-exclusion and setting limits on gaming activities.

The adoption of the voluntary code of ethics represents a significant step forward for the Indian online gaming industry, demonstrating its commitment to addressing consumer concerns and promoting a safe and responsible gaming environment. By working together to uphold these ethical standards, industry players are setting a positive example for the global gaming community and establishing a foundation for long-term growth and sustainability.

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