Innovative Technology Used by SpineX to treat children with cerebral palsy

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  • SpineX, Inc., now a clinical-stage medical device company announced breakthrough results of the first human study in children with cerebral palsy. The research will be published and validated in the prestigious medical journal Nature Communications. Proprietary Non-Surgical Treatment SCiP TM (Spinal Code innovations in pediatrics in children with cerebral palsy (CP)). “Noninvasive spinal cord neuromodulation and activity-based neurorehabilitation therapy in children with cerebral palsy,” led by Dr. Susan Hastings, PT, DPT, and Dr. V. Reggie Edgerton, Ph.D.

The result of years of work backed by two of her loyalists in their respective fields. This study Describes how non-invasive spinal cord neuromodulation with her SCiP TM is performed during physical therapy This therapy resulted in extensive improvement in voluntary sensorimotor function in 16 of 16 children. Age and severity of CP. SpineX has been awarded a Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD).

US FDA approval for SCiP and proposed therapy for CP. Additionally, SpineX is involved FDA leads proposed clinical study to be conducted in 2023. their results FDA approval of his SCiP TM device for CP treatment is expected. CP is a severely debilitating condition that is currently incurable. Over 10,000 new cases diagnosed each time Years in which CP is the result of damage to the developing brain and describes the following groups

A movement disorder that affects a person’s ability to move, maintain balance and posture. Currently, there are no methods or drugs to prevent or treat CP. Often CP children Invasive surgery required to relieve general spasticity symptoms of illness. SCiP TM is a non-invasive spinal electrical neuromodulation device that acts percutaneously.

“At only 3 years old and highly affected by CP, our son has made some very exciting progress since using SCiP,” said a SpineX-sponsored clinical said Dana, the mother of a boy who participated in the trial. “I am very grateful that our son was there. I hope so because the SCiP TM clinical trial has opened up a world of possibilities for my son. Others will soon be able to witness it. ”

Nerve stimulation of the spinal cord to potentially treat underlying neurological dysfunction Pediatric patients with CP. SCiP TM aims to be the first medical device in the United States capable of treating CP. Transforming dysfunctional connections in the brain and spinal cord into highly functional connections system.

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