Intermex’s Exceptional Performance Recognized at KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum

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Tech News Summary:

  • International Money Express, Inc. (Intermex) will be presenting at the KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum on August 8, 2023, featuring comments from Andras Bende, CFO of Intermex.
  • Investors and interested parties can watch the investor presentation via a webcast on Intermex’s website, with the archived webcast available shortly after the presentation concludes.
  • Intermex is a leading money remittance services company founded in 1994, providing patented technology for money transfers from the US, Canada, and Europe to over 60 countries through various channels. It operates internationally with offices in Miami, Puebla, Guatemala City, and Madrid.

Intermex Shines at KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum

Last week, Intermex, a leading provider of money transfer services, showcased its technological prowess and industry expertise at the prestigious KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum. The event, held in New York City, brought together top executives and professionals from various technology-driven companies to discuss emerging trends and advancements in the sector.

Intermex’s participation at the Technology Leadership Forum garnered considerable attention and praise from attendees. The company’s top management, including CEO Robert Lisy, presented Intermex’s innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies that are transforming the money transfer industry.

During his presentation, Lisy emphasized Intermex’s commitment to creating seamless and secure money transfer experiences for its customers. The company’s technology-driven approach has allowed for faster transactions, enhanced mobile capabilities, and improved fraud prevention measures, setting Intermex apart from its competitors.

Intermex’s advancements in digital banking have particularly impressed industry experts. With the rise of mobile banking and online transactions, Intermex has strategically positioned itself as an industry leader through its user-friendly mobile application, which allows customers to send and receive money anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, Intermex’s investments in cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence have further solidified its prominence in the industry. By leveraging these technologies, Intermex has significantly improved its risk management practices and transaction monitoring systems, ensuring customer safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

The KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum provided Intermex with a valuable platform to showcase its technological achievements and future plans. Several attendees praised Intermex’s commitment to innovation and its ability to navigate a rapidly changing financial landscape.

While accepting the accolades, Intermex CEO Robert Lisy expressed his gratitude to the KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum for recognizing the company’s technological advancements. Lisy also emphasized Intermex’s mission to continue spearheading innovation within the money transfer industry, ensuring that customers receive the best possible services.

With its successful participation at the KeyBanc Capital Markets Technology Leadership Forum, Intermex has cemented its position as a leading player in the financial technology space. As the company continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies, Intermex’s influence within the money transfer sector is set to expand, promising a more seamless and secure future for customers worldwide.

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