iPhone cameras and SIM cards are reused by Gab Bois and Miansai for their gold jewelry collection

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  • Gab Bois, who is known for taking ordinary objects and transforming them into bizarre objects, now collaborates with the jewellery company Miansai to develop a line of rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are based on recycled, real sim cars and iPhone cameras.

For those who don’t know who Gab Bois is, they are the versatile artist who creates surreal images of clothing, accessories, furniture, and more that are inspired by the everyday. Consider footwear with a sole unit made of keyboard keys, clamshell-encased smartphones from the 2000s, or a Macbook. In addition to this, the artist is renowned for producing the “LOAFA” that TOMMY €A$H wanted to design in collaboration with IKEA.

Now, Gab Bois introduces Miansai, a wide selection of tech-infused jewellery, to their collection, injecting this irreverence. A Dual Camera Signet Ring made of 14-karat gold that has “two recycled lenses from a current smartphone” is in front of the pack. Additionally, single camera-focused rings, camera stud earrings, dual camera drop earrings, and single and dual camera necklaces make their debuts.

Sim cards have also been incorporated into necklaces, bracelets, and signet rings made of gold vermeil in other places. All of the items you see above can be purchased online right now for prices ranging from $195 USD to $3,500 USD.

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