IST Student with Liberal Arts Background Secures Sports Technology Internship with Miami Dolphins

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  • An IST student at Penn State interned with the Miami Dolphins’ information technology department, working on projects to improve efficiency and productivity within the stadium.
  • As part of a capstone group project, the student collaborated with other interns to propose an esports stadium event for the stadium’s new Paddock Club, showcasing interdisciplinary skills and effective communication.
  • After the internship, the student pursued a recruiting internship with Penn State football, applying the lessons learned from the summer internship and seeking full-time positions in the sports technology field.

IST student from Penn State, John Robertson, is making waves in the sports technology industry as he secures an impressive internship with the Miami Dolphins. A remarkable achievement for someone pursuing a liberal arts degree, Robertson has defied expectations and proven that passion and dedication can take you anywhere.

Robertson, currently in his junior year, has always had a love for both sports and technology. Combining his two passions, he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) with a focus on sports technology. This unique program at Penn State has provided him with a strong foundation in computer science and information systems, tailored specifically for the sports industry.

Despite facing skepticism from those who doubted the value of a liberal arts degree in the sports industry, Robertson remained determined to prove them wrong. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn led him to apply for numerous internships, and after an extensive application process, he received the golden ticket: an internship offer from the Miami Dolphins.

Joining the Miami Dolphins as a sports technology intern is a dream come true for Robertson. He will have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals, utilizing innovative sports technology to enhance player performance and improve game strategies. From virtual reality simulators to data analytics tools, Robertson will be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology advancements in the sports world.

This groundbreaking internship not only highlights the growing importance of technology in sports but also the valuable skill set of IST students. With their expertise in data analysis, information systems, and computer programming, IST students like Robertson bring a fresh perspective to the traditional sports industry.

Penn State’s IST program has been instrumental in preparing Robertson for this remarkable opportunity. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines technical skills with an in-depth understanding of the sports industry. Courses such as Sports Analytics, Data Visualization, and Virtual Reality in Sports have given students like Robertson a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving sports technology field.

Robertson’s achievement serves as an inspiration for other liberal arts students pursuing their dreams in unconventional fields. It demonstrates that passion, determination, and a relevant skill set can break down barriers and open doors to unexpected opportunities.

As he embarks on his internship with the Miami Dolphins, John Robertson is ready to make his mark in the sports technology industry. With his unique background, he hopes to contribute to the ongoing transformation of sports through technological advancements.

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