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It was time for Sonos’ next Dolby Atmos speakers to be leaked


According to reports, a small “Optimo 1” speaker and “Optimo 1 SL” are also in the works. The Optimo 2 is the successor (or equivalent) to the Sonos Five, while the Optimo 1 and Optimo 1 SL are the successors to the Sonos One and Sonos One SL, respectively. Speaker upgrades and Dolby Atmos aside, The Verge says the flagship speaker will also come with more advanced processing power, Bluetooth audio support, a first for him on a non-portable speaker, and new features in the Sonos app.

According to a new report from The Verge (opens in new tab), Sonos is currently working on a new line of custom speakers that are expected to include multi-directional speaker drivers and support for Dolby Atmos. The Verge says they’ve seen photos of what appears to be currently known as the “Optimo 2”, a larger flagship model still in development (a replica of which is right below).


  • Also, there is no guarantee that this will be the final design. During the launch of the Sonos Ray, I interviewed Brandon Holley, Sonos’ product creation lead, and he said that part of the Sonos design process was testing different physical shapes in people’s homes to see how they would work in practice. It was said that it included a step to confirm These may not include audio technology – they are meant to assist you throughout the design process.

  • There’s also a microphone for voice control (the Optimo 1 SL likely doesn’t have one), and the company is looking at a USB-C audio input (the Sonos Five currently supports a 3.5mm wired input ing). The ‘Optimo 2′ appears to feature a new angular design that appears to fit into a series of speakers firing in all directions. Based on what The Verge says in its review, we can’t expect these new speakers to arrive anytime soon. but it will most likely be the long-awaited Sonos Sub Mini.

Mayht’s HeartMotion tech will allow Sonos to pack more speaker power into the same type of room as their current speakers, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to integrate this tech into their speakers any time soon. It can be very exciting.

It is believed to be one of the prototypes of him The Verge has seen pictures of. In other words, the product may be somewhere in the middle of the development process. In other words, neither the acoustic design nor the aesthetic design is the final stage. Or is it an advanced test if it’s actually pretty good. unit. Just in case, don’t hold your breath.
Another big question is whether these speakers will use the new ultra-compact speaker technology Sonos acquired with its Mayht acquisition earlier this year.

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