Joint Effort between Denton and Tech Firm Leads to Digital Tree Inventory Development

  1. Denton, Texas is partnering with Greehill to create a digital inventory of its trees using lidar lasers. This method is faster and more accurate than traditional manual inventory methods. The inventory will provide the exact number of trees in Denton, making it easier to care for them and allocate budgets.
  2. Greehill’s technology will identify trees on the genus level and provide health status, structural analysis, ecological benefits, and economic value. The digital inventory will allow easy management of information on each tree, eliminating the need for paper files or spreadsheets.
  3. The digital inventory will be complete by September and will be rescanned in three years for future growth predictions. Denton is one of the first cities in the United States to partner with Greehill for this innovative tree management approach.

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Denton Collaborates with Tech Firm to Develop Digital Tree Inventory

DENTON, TX – Denton city officials have announced a new collaboration with a leading technology firm to develop a digital tree inventory system that will enhance the management of urban green spaces in the city.

In partnership with the tech firm, Denton aims to leverage cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive and centralized digital database of all the trees within the city. The project’s main objective is to promote a sustainable and greener environment by effectively managing and safeguarding Denton’s tree population.

The digital tree inventory will help city planners, arborists, and urban designers in making informed decisions about the maintenance, preservation, and future development of Denton’s urban green spaces. The interactive system will provide accurate and up-to-date information about the health, age, species, and location of each tree, enabling authorities to identify areas that require attention or potential risks that need to be addressed promptly.

“The digital tree inventory will revolutionize the way we manage Denton’s urban forest,” said Denton Mayor, [Name of the Mayor]. “It will allow us to be proactive in our approach to maintenance, ensuring the health and longevity of our trees, and the overall environmental well-being of our city.”

The technology firm will deploy advanced data collection tools, including laser imaging scanning and remote sensing technologies, to capture comprehensive tree information. The collected data will then be incorporated into an advanced software system that will provide user-friendly interfaces for easy access and analysis.

Additionally, the collaboration aims to involve the community in the inventory process. Denton residents will be encouraged to participate by submitting information about trees in their neighborhoods, contributing to a more comprehensive and accurate inventory.

“We believe that community involvement plays a vital role in the success of this project,” added [Name of Official], city council member for environmental affairs. “By engaging our residents, we can create a truly inclusive and participatory digital tree inventory that reflects the diversity and richness of our urban forest.”

The project is expected to have significant long-term benefits, including improved tree health management, enhanced stormwater management, and increased awareness among residents regarding the environmental importance of trees.

Denton’s collaboration with the tech firm highlights the city’s commitment to sustainability and its proactive approach in leveraging technology to solve urban challenges. The initiative is set to make Denton a model city in green initiatives while providing valuable insights for other communities looking to enhance their urban forest management.

The digital tree inventory project is currently in its planning stages, with the development and implementation set to begin later this year. Denton residents can look forward to a greener and more sustainable future, thanks to this groundbreaking collaboration.

For more information on Denton’s digital tree inventory project and updates on its implementation, please visit the official city website or reach out to the Department of Environmental Affairs.


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