Kongsberg Discovery Secures Groundbreaking US Navy DIU Contract

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  • Kongsberg Discovery has been awarded a Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) contract to provide autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology for the US Navy’s Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV) prototype.
  • The contract will enable Kongsberg to deliver its HUGIN AUV capabilities, including the HUGIN Endurance and HUGIN Superior models, for the US Army, with potential for the Navy to acquire AUV systems from both models.
  • This partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing unmanned underwater vehicle capabilities for military applications, enhancing naval operations with extended endurance, greater range coverage, and improved efficiency in conducting underwater missions.

Kongsberg, a leading technological powerhouse, has achieved a game-changing milestone with its recent win of a contract from the US Navy’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). The contract, which is valued at $23.3 million, will see Kongsberg providing the US Navy with its cutting-edge marine robotics technology.

The contract includes the delivery of Kongsberg’s pioneering Maritime Autonomy Surface Vehicle (MASV) and the K-MATE autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). These state-of-the-art autonomous systems are set to revolutionize the way the US Navy conducts its various maritime operations.

The K-MATE AUV is designed to perform a wide range of underwater tasks, including intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Its advanced autonomous capabilities will enable the US Navy to carry out missions with more precision and efficiency, while minimizing risk to human personnel.

The MASV, on the other hand, offers a flexible platform for various surface missions, such as mine detection and disposal, oceanographic data collection, and maritime security operations. Its modular and adaptable design makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of maritime challenges.

Kongsberg’s win of the DIU contract marks a significant achievement for the company and a testament to its position as a leading provider of innovative marine technology solutions. The contract is expected to not only enhance the operational capabilities of the US Navy but also open up new opportunities for Kongsberg to further advance its presence in the defense and security sector.

Overall, Kongsberg’s success in securing the DIU contract underscores its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and its dedication to supporting the US Navy with cutting-edge solutions. This achievement is sure to have a profound impact on the future of maritime operations and solidify Kongsberg’s position as an industry leader in the field of autonomous marine robotics.

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