Leading the Way in Revolutionizing the Tech Industry: Intelliflo, SS&C Technologies, Integral, and C Hoare & Co

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Tech News Summary:

  • The wealth management sector has seen technological developments from around the world, including Intelliflo’s “wealthlink” and C Hoare & Co.’s adoption of Integral’s cloud-based SaaS FX technology.
  • Intelliflo’s “wealthlink” is a UK integration between practice management software and an investment platform that reduces administration time per customer and prevents typing errors. The solution offers better ways of working without adding regulatory burden or costs that come with having your platform.
  • C Hoare & Co. has adopted Integral’s cloud-based SaaS FX technology to enable clients to access liquidity from the market and competitive exchange rates from their business and personal accounts. Integral’s FX technology solution offers liquidity aggregation, a configurable pricing engine, and API integration while enabling banks to offer enhanced service to existing customers and address new market segments.

In a move to revolutionize the tech industry, Intelliflo, SS&C Technologies, Integral, and C Hoare & Co are leading the way. These companies are striving towards creating innovative products and solutions that are set to change the way businesses operate in the industry.

Intelliflo, a technology solutions provider, has focused on delivering automation tools that help to streamline business activities for financial advisors. Their technology platform provides optimal business solutions and enables firms to manage their operations more efficiently, thus boosting productivity.

SS&C Technologies, a global provider of investment and financial software and services, has recently acquired software firm Innovest Systems to strengthen its wealth management services. Innovest’s technology solutions will complement SS&C’s existing portfolio, offering better services to their clients.

Integral, a leading fintech provider, has created unique cloud-based financial technology solutions designed to improve automation, boost profitability, and allow firms to have better control over their risk management. Its scalable technology platform has become increasingly popular with big international banks.

The boutique private bank, C Hoare & Co, has adopted new technology by partnering with digital wealth management platform, InvestCloud. Their latest products, ‘Bespoke Digital Solutions,’ cater to their clients’ preferences and offer personalized investment solutions for individual clients.

These innovative steps taken by Intelliflo, SS&C Technologies, Integral, and C Hoare & Co demonstrate the continuous evolution of the industry. With technology growing at an unprecedented pace, these companies understand the importance of adapting to the new demand.

Their focus on providing advanced technology solutions will undoubtedly propel them and other companies in the industry, towards excellence and help businesses operate more efficiently.

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