Live escapes of the Apple Watch 8, Pro and SE 2: the latest information

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New AirPods, updates to Apple TV and Apple Fitness+, as well as the iPhone 14 for the first time, are all possible. We are also very likely to receive the new Apple Watches. I’ll also be covering any Fitness+ news right here as TR’s resident Fitness and Wellbeing Editor.

Welcome to TR’s Apple Watch live blog. Want to stay up to date on the most recent Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch Pro, and Apple Watch SE 2 news? The place to be is here. We’ll keep you informed on all the rumours, information, and news regarding the trio of wrist-mounted devices we believe will debut on September 7 as well as provide live coverage of the event.


  • With its new heart rate zones, running power, and run coaching measurements, Apple’s most recent OS allows me to do just that. These metrics look at statistics like vertical oscillation, which is when your body moves up and down while you run instead of forward.

  • I’m quite excited because, if watchOS 9 is any indication, this may be the first iteration of Apple Watches that actually provides the amazing running metrics I want. As a frequent user of Polar and Garmin, I enjoy delving into the specifics of my workout to see where I slowed down, how much power I was producing, and what can be done to increase my running efficiency.

The most recent batch of Apple Watches are probably going to come equipped with hardware that supports and enhances these features (especially the hotly rumoured Apple Watch Pro that competes with Garmin), making them a one-stop shop for fitness enthusiasts looking for more than just closing their rings every day.

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