Maestro PMS Reveals 2024 Technology Roadmap: AI Chatbots, Booking Engine, Integrated Payments and Beyond

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Tech News Summary:

  • Maestro PMS unveils technology roadmap for 2024, including new AI chatbots, integrated payments, and other product enhancements aimed at increasing guest and employee loyalty while driving revenue.
  • Hospitality Technology Study 2024 predicts increased investment in hotel technology, with a focus on integrating with hotel property management systems to create more convenient and personalized experiences for guests and more efficient operations for staff.
  • Maestro PMS introduces integrated payments solution, AI-powered chatbots and booking engine, mobile cleaning tools, and enhancements to digital gift card program. These developments will be discussed at Maestro’s Accelerate User Conference in April.

Maestro PMS, a leading provider of cloud-based property management software, has announced its 2024 Tech Roadmap, outlining a series of innovative new features and upgrades aimed at further enhancing the guest experience and streamlining hotel operations.

Among the most notable additions to the Maestro PMS platform are AI chatbots, which will allow hotels to provide personalized customer service and support around the clock. These chatbots will be integrated with the existing guest management system, providing guests with real-time information and assistance.

Another key feature of the 2024 roadmap is a new and improved booking engine, designed to make the reservation process faster, more user-friendly, and customizable for individual hotel properties. The upgrades to the booking engine will also include enhanced search and filtering capabilities, allowing guests to easily find the accommodations that best meet their needs.

In addition to these customer-facing enhancements, Maestro PMS is also introducing embedded payments, allowing hotels to seamlessly integrate payment processing into their existing systems. This will not only streamline the payment process for guests, but also reduce the risk of fraud and improve data security.

“We are thrilled to unveil our 2024 Tech Roadmap, which represents a significant leap forward in terms of innovation and functionality for our customers,” said Warren Dehan, President of Maestro PMS. “These new features and upgrades will not only improve the guest experience, but also help hotels streamline their operations and increase revenue.”

The 2024 Tech Roadmap is the latest in a series of developments from Maestro PMS, which has established itself as a leader in the hospitality technology industry. With a focus on customer service, innovation, and continuous improvement, Maestro PMS is poised to continue providing industry-leading solutions for hotels and resorts around the world.

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