Mass Effect modders create downloadable content

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In a blog post, modder Mgamerz said the project started on his September 18th. “Our tools are already able to port assets from ME1 to ME3, and the LE game is mostly based on his ME3 version of the engine (not quite, but the data format is pretty much the same).” they write. A perfect replica and the best approximation the team could achieve. “We’ve put a lot of effort into making this DLC better than the original, but without the actual tools and source code, there’s no way to make it better or the same.”

A group of modders have recreated previously lost Mass Effect downloadable content, allowing players to revisit (or experience for the first time) areas that even BioWare’s own developers couldn’t save. The content in question was Mass Effect’s Pinnacle Station released in 2009, which the modder was able to insert into his PC version of his remastered trilogy, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.  The Pinnacle Station was a training ground that players could access throughout the game. This is his second of two DLCs released for Mass Effect.


  • The big picture preserving video games is fickle as technology advances and the original experience is lost. Modders and emulators fill that void by reviving or recreating games in their own time. Various issues such as physical degradation, data loss, and online server shutdowns have caused games to be lost, making it difficult for official retailers to deal with.

  • Ahead of this year’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launch, game director Mac Walters confirmed that some DLC won’t be returning. Pinnacle Station was developed by Demiurge Studios after the release of the original game. Later he found that the data received by BioWare was corrupted and the original source code was lost. Namely, he disappeared from the series in 2012 when it was ported to PS3. Walters described his attempt to revive his DLC for Legendary His Edition as an “emotional rollercoaster ride” that is an unsolvable problem.

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