Metaco Partners with HSBC to Launch Innovative Digital Asset Custody Service: Revolutionizing Securities Finance Technology

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Tech News Summary:

  • HSBC is launching a new digital asset custody service using Metaco’s institutional client platform, Harmonize, demonstrating the bank’s commitment to digital innovation in the financial services industry.
  • The new digital custody solution will go live in 2024 and will complement HSBC’s existing platform for issuing digital assets, HSBC Orion, and its solution supporting tokenized physical gold, providing a complete digital asset solution for institutional clients.
  • HSBC’s partnership with Metaco represents a significant step forward in the adoption of DLT within traditional banking institutions and positions HSBC as a leader in the digital assets space with a focus on digital innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity.

Metaco, a leading provider of digital asset custody solutions, has announced that it will be powering HSBC’s new digital asset custody service. This partnership represents a major step forward in the evolution of securities finance technology, providing institutional investors with secure and reliable access to the growing digital asset market.

HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, has recognized the increasing demand for digital assets among its clients and is taking proactive steps to meet this demand. By leveraging Metaco’s expertise in digital asset custody and security, HSBC aims to provide its clients with a trusted platform for storing and transacting digital assets.

Metaco’s deep technological capabilities and proven track record in the digital asset space make them an ideal partner for HSBC’s new custody service. Its institutional-grade security features and robust infrastructure will ensure that HSBC’s clients can have confidence in the safety and integrity of their digital assets.

In a statement, Adrien Treccani, CEO and founder of Metaco, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that it “represents a significant milestone in the mainstream adoption of digital assets by institutional investors.”

This news comes at a time when the digital asset market is experiencing rapid growth and gaining wider acceptance among traditional financial institutions. With Metaco powering HSBC’s new digital asset custody service, institutional investors can expect to have greater access to digital assets while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

Overall, this partnership between Metaco and HSBC signals a promising future for the intersection of traditional finance and digital assets, offering a glimpse into the potential for further innovation and integration within the securities finance industry.

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