Mews Chosen by Stay Hospitality to Transform Hotel Operations and Enhance the Guest Experience

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Tech News Summary:

  • Stay Hospitality has chosen Stablethe innovative hotel cloud to automate and enhance its hotel operations, aiming to streamline the guest experience and improve efficiency.
  • Stay Hospitality is responsible for managing the guest experience for visitors traveling to South Florida, and they are constantly seeking ways to provide a seamless and modern hospitality experience.
  • The partnership with Stablethe innovative hotel cloud will enable Stay Hospitality to offer online check-in, explore upselling opportunities, and benefit from features like Mews Payments to transform transactional processes and provide a smoother payment experience for guests.

Stay Hospitality, a leading provider of hotel management solutions, has announced its partnership with Mews, a cutting-edge hospitality management platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionize hotel operations and elevate the overall guest experience.

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, with a growing demand for enhanced guest services and streamlined operations. Recognizing this need, Stay Hospitality has chosen to work with Mews, known for its innovative and user-friendly platform that simplifies management tasks while offering a personalized experience for guests.

By integrating with Mews, Stay Hospitality aims to optimize operations throughout its portfolio of hotels, from reservations and check-ins to housekeeping and billing. The Mews platform enables staff members to efficiently manage bookings, automate processes, and access vital guest information in real-time, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

The partnership also focuses on enhancing the guest experience. With Mews, Stay Hospitality can gather valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviors, allowing them to tailor their offerings and ultimately deliver a more personalized experience. Through the platform’s comprehensive CRM capabilities, hotels can foster guest loyalty and satisfaction by understanding and meeting their needs more effectively.

Additionally, Mews provides hotels with a wide range of integrated features, such as mobile check-ins and digital key access, ensuring a seamless and contactless experience for guests. These features are particularly important in the current global health crisis where safety and hygiene have become top priorities for travelers.

Alexandra Thompson, CEO of Stay Hospitality, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are committed to delivering exceptional guest experiences while optimizing our operations. Mews offers a robust and forward-thinking solution that aligns perfectly with our goals. With this partnership, we aim to redefine hotel management and exceed guest expectations.”

Richard Valtr, CEO and Founder of Mews, also spoke about the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to work with Stay Hospitality and support their mission to enhance hotel operations and elevate the guest experience. Our platform empowers hoteliers to focus on what they do best, delivering an exceptional guest experience, while leaving the technology and management in our capable hands.”

Together, Stay Hospitality and Mews anticipate bringing operational efficiency, agility, and a personalized touch to hotels worldwide. This partnership represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing the hotel industry and meeting the evolving needs and expectations of both hoteliers and guests.

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