Microsoft Encourages Transition to Outlook as End of Support for Windows 11 Mail and Calendar Apps is Announced for 2024

– Microsoft will end support for Windows 11 Mail and Calendar apps on December 31, 2024, and users will need to transition to Outlook before this date.
– Newer Windows 11 devices from 2024 onwards will come with Outlook as the default mail application, and Microsoft will gradually stop updates and support for the Mail and Calendar apps.
– Outlook offers advanced features, including email services, a comprehensive calendar, and integration with Office apps, making it a faster and more user-friendly alternative to the Mail and Calendar apps.
In a recent announcement, Microsoft has revealed that it will be ending support for the built-in Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 11 by 2024. The tech giant is encouraging users to transition to their popular email client, Outlook, as the company shifts its focus to improving and expanding its functionality.

The decision to discontinue support for the Mail and Calendar apps comes as Microsoft aims to streamline its offerings and focus on providing a more seamless and integrated experience for its users. This move is also in line with the company’s efforts to consolidate and improve its product lineup.

Starting from 2024, users of Windows 11 will no longer receive updates, security patches, or technical support for the built-in Mail and Calendar apps. Microsoft recommends that users make the switch to Outlook, which offers a wide range of features and integration with other Microsoft services such as Office 365 and OneDrive.

While the announcement may come as a surprise to some users, it is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to streamline its product offerings and provide a more cohesive user experience across its ecosystem. The company has assured users that it will provide ample transition time and support to ensure a smooth migration to Outlook.

For those who have grown accustomed to using the Mail and Calendar apps, Microsoft assures that the transition to Outlook will be a seamless one, with features and functionalities that will enhance their email and calendar management experience.

As the 2024 deadline approaches, Microsoft will continue to provide users with information and resources to facilitate the transition to Outlook. Users are encouraged to stay updated with the latest announcements and guidance from Microsoft to ensure a smooth and timely transition.

Overall, Microsoft’s decision to end support for the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 11 reflects the company’s commitment to offering a more integrated and optimized user experience, with Outlook serving as the central hub for email and calendar management. Users are advised to take note of the upcoming changes and make the switch to Outlook in a timely manner to avoid any disruptions to their email and calendar workflows.

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