Microsoft’s lavish celebration of the launch of Windows 11 will be marred by the Debian-based MX Linux 21 RC

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If you are ready to try out MX Linux 21 RC 1, you can download it here now. Should you replace Windows 10 with MX Linux today? No, not immediately — you should try it first and make sure sure it fully meets your needs. Plus, don’t forget, this is merely a release candidate and not the final version. With that said, it should be pretty stable at this point. At the very least, you should wait for the final stable version before making any decisions.

October 5 is a noteworthy date because it is the scheduled launch day for Windows 11. Because Microsoft’s most recent desktop operating system isn’t simply good—fantastic—this it’s is even more noteworthy. Yes, this is most likely the best version of Windows to date, and if your machine is compatible, you should definitely upgrade if you use Windows. Unfortunately, this time around, that “if” is a rather large one. Given that Microsoft’s system requirements are so stringent, many PCs won’t be compatible or officially supported. Even while Windows 10 will continue to be supported for some time, it seems sense that some customers would want to abandon ship right once knowing that Microsoft has no plans for their PC. These users, thankfully, have a fantastic


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