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More over 200 types will be available through Baba on iOS and Android and a recent update is currently available


The Museum levelpack, which contains 80 unused/reduced levels from the original game along with some of them, the New Adventures levelpack, which has over 150 new levels, and new secret levels inside the basic game are all included in this substantial update (1,03). Check out the cell trailer below:

Baba Is You ($6.99) from Hempuli has become more up to date on iOS and Android than 200 new ranges since its premiere last year. If you haven’t downloaded it for iOS or Android, it will be discounted starting the following day so that it won’t matter; if a mobile phone is involved, they will be on their own. Baba Is You makes an excellent transfer from mobile platforms to PC and Nintendo Transfer. Discover my viewpoint on this here.


  • Make sure you’re reading Shaun’s insightful critique of the Nintendo Transfer model before continuing. Have you ever played Baba Is You on a phone or another device? How do you feel about the new

  • For $2,000 on Android and iOS, Baba is you. Normally, it costs $14.99 on Steam and Nintendo Transfer. The sold cell will average for roughly a week and be discounted by 30%. It’s crucial that you play original puzzle video games. You can get Baba Is You from the Apple and this App Store if you want to try it out.

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