More tabletop role-playing games, including Fallout, Homeworld and Role

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  • Emerging digital role-playing platform Role (opens in new tab) has partnered with Modiphius and Magpie Games to launch a marketplace where you can buy tabletop role-playing games from some of the biggest IPs. That means we have games like Fallout, Homeworld, Dune, Star Trek TTRPG, and the upcoming Avatar Legends on the way.

“Role prides itself on being the easiest place to play and create for RPG fans today. It’s designed for fast-paced gameplay that’s focused on social fun, rather than social fun,” said Elle Dwight, CEO of Role.

Dwight describes Role as follows:

Compared to other digital RPGs, Role’s killer feature is that it’s completely drag and drop. You don’t need to learn any special scripting, programming, or markup languages ​​for automation to work seamlessly within your game. This applies to both the player and the game his master.

Quickstarts for many games are already free with Roles, as are rulesets compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The Role team recommends easy-to-understand games like Isle of Ixx, Vast Grimm, and Cyber ​​Metal 2012, but there are also free Quick Starts for Modiphius games like Homeworld, Fallout, Dune, and Star Trek.

Rolls itself is a free app, but the new Marketplace lets you discover new games to play and buy digital editions instantly. Bundles include standard stuff like game PDFs and graphics, as well as role integrations like themed in-app skins and automated character sheets. What’s especially nice is that all of Role’s official rules his set is customizable, allowing players to tailor the house to his rules and game-specific needs.

Marketplace is now the domain of his publisher for games, and Dwight says he expects four new games to be released in at least a month until 2023. “This roadmap includes catalogs from several major publishers such as Modiphius and Magpie Games, as well as popular indie catalogs such as World Champ Game Co. and Sword Queen Games,” she said.

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