More than 50% of consumers fail to detect AI-generated emails.

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  • Half of consumers surveyed by Instiller were unable to distinguish between emails written by humans and those generated by AI.
  • Generation Z (18-24 age group) were better at identifying AI-generated emails, but the majority of respondents were unconcerned about the use of AI in brand communications.
  • Instiller co-founder Adrian Toal recommends that marketers maintain a human touch in their emails to appeal to younger generations and preserve authenticity in their brand communications.

Recent studies have revealed that more than 50% of online consumers are unable to distinguish between emails composed by humans and those generated by artificial intelligence (AI). This finding has raised concerns about the potential misuse of AI in fraudulent activities.

According to the study, participants were given different sets of email messages, half of which were composed by humans, while the other half were generated by an AI language model. Surprisingly, only 44% of the participants could correctly identify which messages were created by humans.

This highlights the advancement and sophistication of AI technology, which can replicate human language and composition styles. This new development raises concerns about the implications of AI-generated email misuse on unsuspecting consumers. It has become challenging to identify scams masked as legitimate emails, such as phishing scams that could compromise an individual’s personal and financial information.

To combat this, industry experts suggest educating consumers on email safety and the warning signs of phishing scams. Online security systems and AI-enabled anti-phishing software could also help prevent fraudulent emails from reaching the intended victim.

In conclusion, while AI presents immense benefits towards the development of technology, its misuse could have devastating consequences, especially in relation to consumers’ privacy and security. It is crucial that awareness and education on this issue are improved to prevent unsuspecting people from falling victim to cybercriminals.

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