NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth Reports on Dallas’ Technology Accountability Report Post Ransomware Attack

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Main Points:

  • The City of Dallas is set to release a report about the ransomware attack that disrupted city services in early May.
  • The Technology Responsibility Report (TAR) for May will cover the timeframe of the attack and provide more details on its scope.
  • The report may include details about the attack vector and whether any data was compromised or extracted.

Dallas is set to release a Technology Accountability Report following a ransomware attack earlier this year that affected several city services. The report, which will be released by Mayor Eric Johnson’s office, will detail the steps taken by the city to address the attack and ensure that it does not happen again.

The ransomware attack, which occurred in August, affected several city services, including the emergency communication system and the courts. The attack also resulted in the shutdown of some city services for several days.

In response to the attack, the city implemented a number of changes to its technology infrastructure. These changes include the installation of new security software and the implementation of new training programs for city staff.

The Technology Accountability Report will highlight these changes and provide information on how the city is working to prevent future attacks. The report will also include information on the impact of the attack on city services and the steps taken to restore these services.

The release of the report shows the city’s commitment to transparency and accountability when it comes to its technology infrastructure. By providing this information, the city hopes to reassure residents that it is taking steps to protect their data and ensure the reliability of city services.

The Technology Accountability Report is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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