Netflix is ​​creating animated series and a feature film based on the video game “Gears of War”

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  • A live-action feature film and an adult animated series based on the video game series Gears of War are both coming to Netflix, the streaming service revealed on Monday.

On Monday, which also happens to be the game’s 16th anniversary of release in 2006, Netflix and The Coalition, the game’s developer, will work together to create a film and television adaptation of the franchise. hints that there might be further stories in addition to the original movie and animated series.

For Xbox systems, Epic Games’ Gears of War game has sold 40 million copies worldwide. They depict a fragmented society that is on the edge of collapsing and is about to be obliterated by locusts, a terrifying menace from below. A ragtag fireteam led by the infamous Sergeant Marcus Phoenix, Delta Squad is tasked with leading humanity’s last stand.

The game is a third-person shooter and is acclaimed for its co-op shooter gameplay and his sci-fi storytelling. The latest release is Gears 5 in 2019, and the series has also spawned a number of his games, comics, novels, and more for Xbox and mobile.

Netflix has also been aggressive in its handling of high-profile video game intellectual property, already seeing success with Riot Games’ Cuphead and Arcane adaptations based on League of Legends, but Horizo The n:Zero Dawn series and “Bioshock” will be made into movies.

Gears of War had previously attempted to make it to the big screen, with New Line Cinema acquiring the adaptation rights in 2007. However, Universal and producer Scott Stauber later developed a film for the project starring Shane Salerno (“Hawaii Five-0”). Shane Salerno co-wrote the screenplay with The Coalition’s Rod Ferguson, but that version never came to fruition and was the same story presented in the game.

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